Our heated discussion with Tony Achmat had sent me to the internet and compiling a list of all conceivable human values – all the things people talk about as important, wish for, fight for and defend. I went through web sites, oracle cards, books and all sorts of materials I had from the past.

I used the opportunity of our ongoing meeting with a group of friends to get intial feedback. We jokingly called these meetings seances, because their idea was to open discussions on deeper personal and philosophical issues among people who share similar basic knowledge – coaching, healing, creativity, spiritual development, writing etc. This informal group gave me professional-level feedback and personal encouragement. I realized that I have a team with which I can develop this project – right in my living room.

By the time Tony came back from India where he received his award, my list included over 500 values roughly grouped around common subjects. I laid them out on the living room floor and tried to see their relationship. While Tony insisted that people need a simple tool (and that is true!), I also knew there was more to it. I could sense the structure, I just didn’t crack the code, yet.