I’m happy to announce that Value Anatomy now has a new logo. It’s the beginning of establishing an overall look and identity of this project. The logo was a result of a week-long process involving a design competition among 22 designers from around the world, as far as the Philippines, Brazil, Indonesia, Ukraine, Canada and India.

This winning design by Greek designer Achilleas Poutachidis features the element of a DNA helix, as the symbol of the outcome of our program (individuals and teams defining their unique sets of values we call Value DNA). Akilis added a yellow circle in the background that, depending on your interpretation, can represent the Sun, the yellow chakra of Courage or even a golden coin (the frontier where our internal values translate into money).

The choice of colors is also symbolic, as our project mainly deals with the fields of communication (Truth chakra – blue color), healing and growth (green) and ultimately the Courage to implement values in our daily lives (yellow).