We are not done yet but we’ve come so far from the original random list of values we discussed with Tony Achmat at the beginning of this project!

As a milestone for the next stage of development, I released a new version of the Value Anatomy matrix, in this case, it’s 5.2, marking significant additions to a poster-size graphic containing all values, principles, mechanisms, and qualities within the system.

This release was prompted by a promising conversation with artist Marie Brožová, who is interested in a collaboration. She literally said “That spreadsheet of yours won’t let me sleep, bring it to me.” So I did. Now it’s her turn to think up creative ways to use it.

Many thanks to my team members Alasdair Bouch for co-creating the matrix with me and Petra Bicanová for a major help in the tedious task of transposing nearly 800 items from an Excel spreadsheet into a graphic format. Once finalized, this poster will be one of our three core teaching tools.