Value Anatomy was developed by Michaela Freeman along with an unusual team of highly skilled experts in the fields of business coaching, marketing, linguistics, personal and spiritual development. Although based in Prague, Czech Republic, the team is international and the project was originally developed in English. We’d like to thank the long list of unnamed experts who contributed their know-how and friends who supported and tested our ideas.

Michaela Freeman (CZ)
Creator / Facilitator / Lecturer
Multitalented creative professional and personal development guide
Light, Creativity, Transformation

Tony Achmat (AUS/CZ)
Co-Creator / Illustrator
Internationally renowned business coach and Zentangle artist
Humanity, Engagement, Candor

Alasdair Bouch (GB/CZ)
Co-Creator / Facilitator
Professional musician, language teacher & soft-skills trainer


Jim Freeman (USA/CZ)
Language Editor / Mentor
Author of thirteen books, editor and mentor to young artists and entrepreneurs
Mentoring, Leaps of Faith, Opinion

Petra Bicanová (CZ/LB)
Implementation & Testing / Facilitator
Corporate trainer, project manager and language specialist
Clarity, Grace, Compassion