Jim Freeman

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Language Editor / Mentor

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Mentor / Writer / Editor


USA / Czech Republic

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Mentoring / Leaps of Faith / Opinion


Born in 1935, Jim is the oldest and wisest member of our team. But he wouldn’t be a part of Value Anatomy if his spirit wasn’t young and unstoppably adventurous. He came to Prague in 1993 with the intent to ‘mentor leaps of faith’ and to write or teach. He authored three novels, three collections of poetry, two non-fiction books and over 1,800 essays and opinion articles. The second aspect of his plan translated to mentoring countless beginner writers, budding artists, young entrepreneurs and students. Other than helping Value Anatomy with language editing and guidance, his impact lies in nearly 25 years of day-to-day feedback for his wife, Michaela, who created this project.

Life experience informs both Jim’s writing and mentoring. Ups and downs over seven decades provided him with an exceptionally broad personal point of view based in utter practicality. His creative career as a landscape architect gave him the opportunity to serve large corporate clients and collaborate with prominent architects, but he also faced a number of personal losses and tragedies that built his resilience. As an avid outdoorsman, he loves hunting, sailing, skiing, golf and traveling (ideally on a motorcycle or horseback). He currently spends his time renovating the family summer cottage and garden, that is – when he’s not supporting individuals in realizing their potential.

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“When I was clueless, unconfident, and more than a little lost, living in Prague and working on what became my first of stories, no person on earth was more supportive and encouraging than Jim Freeman. As a host of Beefstew in the basement of Radost FX, Jim welcomed me literally off the street. ‘Come and read,’ he said. ‘Read anything.’ And so I did. Every week, something new. And Jim (and his wife Michaela!) would sit there in the dark, on those big puffy couches and listen to my very brief stories as if what I had to say was worth listening to. I know this, there would have been no first book had it not been for Jim. But more important: I learned from Jim to say ‘f**k it, you want it, work at it, work at it, work at it…’

Peter Orner
Acclaimed author and creative writing professor

“Jim Freeman was my first mentor for the adult world. He told me to capitalize the letter i in my poetry… which was his way of telling me to stand up for myself. He also told me to write “loads of poems that you never show your parents.” That was an issue for me as I made the transition from young adult to full adult. I am now the author of three books on writing and in one of them I quote him on how not to write something to death, his praise for a work that exhibits “that fresh feeling of not having been too well-worked.” Without a Jim Freeman, there is no Stuart Horwitz.”

Stuart Horwitz
author of the Book Architecture trilogy: Blueprint Your Bestseller, Book Architecture, Finish Your Book in Three Drafts. (www.bookarchitecture.com)

“Everyone should have a Jim Freeman in their lives. Frankly, I don’t know how I survived my teens through early twenties without one. There has been no one other person as consistently supportive and encouraging in my life. I am deeply indebted to Jim — all of which I promise to pay back once I hit the big time.”

Ken Nash
Designer, artist, writer, musician and educator

“Jim gave me advice about life that I didn’t want to hear, when I least needed to hear it. That’s what real friends are for. I will forever be indebted.”

Morgan Sowden
Computer technology expert and serial entrepreneur

“Jim Freeman’s motivational guidance really opened the way for me to consider my work’s appeal to a wider public, which I had thought impossible. His attention to detail, insightful questioning, straight-talking approach, and passionate commitment to seeing the real potential in early-stage projects continue to inspire and support my career. I met Jim at my first public performance and he has helped and supported the individuality of my work ever since. Currently, I’m lucky enough to be teaching and performing at the level I always dreamed of, working with some of the UK’s top art schools and museums. Being a teacher myself, and having experienced tuition at two of the world’s leading universities, I can say with absolute confidence that the level of knowledge, support and wisdom he offers is extremely rare. It’s no exaggeration to say that without his mentoring, I would not be where I am today, personally or professionally.”

Clair Le Couteur
Artist and academic
PhD (writing up), Royal College of Art