Value Anatomy Team:

Creator / Author / Facilitator

Professional Experience:

Freelance Creative Professional / Artist / Writer / Consultant


Czech Republic

Core Values:

Light, Creativity, Transformation


Over the last two decades, Michaela provided freelance creative services that utilize her conceptual, linguistic and visual skills (copywriting, translation, concept development, web content development, web design, marketing and PR support). Together with her husband, Jim Freeman, they specialize in advanced language services for Czech projects reaching worldwide audiences. Their clientele includes major universities, private companies, start-ups, artists and designers, as well as non-profit projects. Michaela’s experience helping companies define their mission, vision and team philosophy later reflected in creating Value Anatomy.

Aside from freelance services, Michaela focuses on her own artistic projects (digital art, creative writing) and teaches creativity as a process. Her lifelong interest in personal development, health and spirituality resulted in collaborations with healers and therapists, both traditional and alternative.

In 2000, she co-founded Helping Paws (Pomocné tlapky o.p.s.) the first Czech organization training assistance dogs for the disabled and, later, concentrated on animal-assisted therapy. Here she authored a comprehensive methodology, trained volunteers and professionals (health-care, social-care, special education) and helped launch the first Czech project providing dolphin-assisted therapy.

Decades of her personal research, writing, networking, facilitating and guiding now merged in her creation of the Value Anatomy system. But it wouldn’t have happened without the amazing international expert team around her.