Value Anatomy Team:

Co-Creator / Illustrator

Professional Experience:

Business Coach / Corporate Trainer / Public Speaker / Artist


Indonesia / Australia / Czech Republic

Core Values:

Engagement, Candor, Humanity


Tony was born in Indonesia, but grew up in a Catholic orphanage in Australia, an experience so gruesome he preferred not to talk about it. He began training people as a part of his professional military career in the Australian army before, during and after the Vietnam War. Subsequently, he joined a Zen monastery in Japan, found his peace of mind through Buddhism and learned advanced meditation techniques. Back in Australia, he focused on his own successful and active business career in crop and plant management. His expertise as a renowned ‘plant doctor’ took him to many countries as a consultant (including Mauritius, Brazil, Argentina, the United States and his native Indonesia) and deepened his connection to nature.

Tony came to Prague shortly after the Velvet Revolution and was instrumental in developing the management of countless Czech companies (MTH Praha, Czech Railways, Barrandov studios, Rigips, Kladruby Rehabilitation Center, Kabel Kladno, Crystalex, later focusing on global and tech companies (Dell, Johnson & Johnson, Aribba, Gemalto, 2N Telecommunications, Honeywell, Software AG and Kentico, SAP).

Following his 27 years working with the corporate community in Prague, Tony received the Global Trainer and Leadership Developer Award in Mumbai, India. Value Anatomy was born while he prepared his speech about core values for the 25th Jubilee Global HRD Congress where this award was presented. Shortly before he died in May, 2018, he completed a set of Zentangle drawings depicting the individual animal archetypes of Value Anatomy. It is now up to us to continue his legacy.