May 23, 2018

Tony Achmat’s Legacy

Tony Achmat, our dear friend and co-creator of the Value Anatomy, unexpectedly died. It’s time to pick up his legacy and make Value Anatomy his way to continue changing people’s lives.

April 30, 2018

Full Moon. Witches’ Night. A Personal Milestone.

We completed the hierarchy containing over 700 values. Hours and hours of work! Stage one is done, now the real work begins. 

April 2, 2018

Happy Easter!

Tony Achmat came back from Sri Lanka with an envelope full of wonderful Zentangle images for the Value Anatomy cards and books. We gained a new special consultant – eight-year-old William who said “What a creative idea!” – the best compliment ever!

April 1, 2018

First Mock-Up Cards

Tony Achmat sent me some sample images from Sri Lanka, just snapshots with his mobile phone, so I used them to make initial mock-ups of what the Value Anatomy deck could look like. Exciting! Continue reading

February 13, 2018

Getting the Numbers Straight

For a woman interested in sacred geometry, I’m outrageously bad with numbers. I apparently have dyscalculia, the “number version” of dyslexia. 6 and 9 are kind of the same to me. Not good. But I do understand 7 just fine. Value Anatomy became a 7-fold fractal, a pattern that seemingly endlessly repeats with more or less nuance, more or less density. Luckily, I met Sophia Parker-Reeves who understands all of this, she as therapist and a numerologist.

January 13, 2018

A Hummingbird Flew into My Monastery Cell

Alasdair Bouch came to visit me in Loreta Monastery and we spent over 7 hours reorganizing the Value Anatomy spreadsheet. He’s precisely what I needed for this project. Continue reading

January 7, 2018

Writing at Loreta Monastery

I rented a room in the Loreta Monastery at the Prague Castle in order to find the peace to write the Value Anatomy book. A 400 year-old monk’s cell turned out to be the perfect place to contemplate human values. Continue reading

December 19. 2017

It Has a Name! Value Anatomy Is Born

It took three creative minds and about two hours of a brainstorming meeting and we got it.  Welcome to Value Anatomy.

March 27, 2017

Code Cracked

I kept looking for the common thread and then it dawned on me – the template is about chakras, the energy centers in our bodies that we all use and usually don’t know about it.  How could I not see this? Continue reading

March 18, 2017

There’s More to It

I compiled a list of all conceivable human values – all the things people talk about as important, wish for, fight for and defend – asked a group of friends for feeback. Continue reading

February 28, 2017

Tony Achmat’s Award Sparks a New Idea

Our friend and renowned business coach Tony Achmat received the Global Trainer and Leadership Developer Award. As he prepared his acceptance speech, we discussed the issue of values and it sparked a new idea.  Continue reading