Values define humanity – we try to live up to them, teach them to our children, preach them in temples and defend them in battles. Values subconsciously determine how we connect with one another and form social structures (business, politics) as well as personal lifestyles (love life, friendships, associations, purchasing patterns, education and career).  For centuries, values were publically discussed in the context of morals (in schools, churches and legislation), often burdened hidden agendas and viewed as a dividing factor (‘their values don’t match ours’) rather than a unifying one.

Value Anatomy is a modern methodology identifying essential human values shared across history, cultures and religions. The detailed yet simple hierarchic system covers over 700 most common principles and qualities, enabling you to get quickly oriented and select yours –– your Value DNA. Forget trying to be perfect in hundreds of ways. The key is understanding your unique imprint (what you can bring to the table and what you stand for) while staying aware the myriads of possible unique imprints of others and finding ways to complement each others strengths.


Our values are the mycelium that quietly enables the growth of humanity, yet we seldom pay attention. If you don’t take the time to define your values, others (media, bosses, politicians, family, friends) will happily plant theirs into your brain and soon you have idea of who you really are as an individual or what you represent as a group. The power of self-knowlege, both individually and as teams or companies, brings back your sense of power and your place in the sun.

Living authentically in alignment with your inner values opens hearts and opens doors. It attracts loyal customers for your business or the right audience for your message. It sets the course for your further development, career choices, team roles and business opportunities. It’s crucial for improving communication and fast decision-making – you instantly know what’s good for you, what’s in line with your path. Understanding your values translates to money, clients, effective advertising, readiness for ‘luck’, as well as personal satisfaction. Values form the meaning of your life and the purpose of all your activities as a group.


Value Anatomy serves as a unique tool in education, career consulting, human resources, team building, business development and coaching, as well as marketing, advertising and public relations.

On a more private level, Value Anatomy helps in parenting, partner counseling, personal development and life coaching, spiritual development and alternative healing. It can be used to spark a dialog in therapy sessions or peer-support groups. It enables you get to know your family, friends and colleagues better.


The basic premise of Value Anatomy starts with Seven Transcendental Values: Freedom, Wisdom, Truth, Love, Courage, Creativity and Experience. These are associated with the seven main chakras (energy centers) in our body. There’s nothing airy-fairy about this – you can physically sense these values in your daily life, from fast-beating heart to a lump in your throat or a wrinkled brow.

Further Division

Each main transcendental value is further divided into seven sub-sections using the same chakra principles and each of these sub-sections further into seven Principles and seven Qualities. The Principles are seen as governing or underlying forces, the Qualities are more like nuances or practical applications of the same essence. Mathematically speaking, Value Anatomy is a sevenfold fractal, a repeating pattern carrying the same principles in more and more detail. Each item in the system is numbered, beginning from the bottom up – from the most dense and tangible the lightest and most ethereal.

Animal Symbolism

The Value Anatomy system uses animal symbolism to illustrate specific groups of qualities – 7 main animals and 49 minor. Depending on your preference, they serve as fun everyday reminders or deeply personal symbols. The animals were carefully selected across multiple cultural contexts (including native myths, shamanism and world literature), but we still primarily base our symbolism on their physical characteristics and behaviors. Unlike in esoteric use of animal symbols, here, their meanings don’t overlap. Each animal carries an essence characterized by seven Principles and seven Qualities – together, they form a clear message we can relate to and easily remember.

Gaining an Overview

To paraphrase Jim Freeman’s “You can have anything, but you can’t have everything” in this case, we could say “You can’t be everything, but you can be something while knowing and appreciating the rest.” While you may attempt to be as wholesome and balanced as possible, you cannot possibly cover and integrate hundreds of values. This alone could bring you a sense of relief in a world that bombards us with messages implying that we should be perfect in all respects. In business, we can focus on the right projects and clientele, instead of trying to serve “everyone”.

Our goal is to give you an overview of all critical values and a general insight. This helps you understand just how different our value sets can be even though we ‘all want the same things’! The wide scope of Value Anatomy helps us respect others and their unique approaches. The depth and breadth of the system also provides an insight into cultural differences and a common ground for international teams or multicultural marriages.

Your Personal Value DNA

Value Anatomy encourages you to select a unique set of values that you hone, defend, pursue and confidently claim as yours. This set slowly changes with age and experience, but your core values instantly draw your attention or ring a bell and typically stay the same through a lifetime. It is likely that you have one or more dominant chakras, it is typical to strongly associate with 3-7 of the minor animal archetypes. Your resulting Value DNA diagram includes the values you know you have, as well as those you see as your aspirations or next steps to engage in. Your Value DNA is intended to be a public statement, a claim. Use it in job interviews or when selecting a life partner. Ask your friends and colleagues to hold your feet to the fire when you fail to live up to your claims. When they do, accept their feedback as gracefully and gratefully as possible. Then revisit your Value DNA and either adjust your behavior or adjust your claim. This alone will help you make leaps in your development.

Seeing the World Differently

Although Value Anatomy was originally developed as a coaching and marketing tool, it quickly became apparent that it can prove useful in all transformational situations, including healing or therapeutic counseling. It serves as a practical map, a prism through which you begin to see the world differently. Of the seven Principles associated with each archetype, three can be used for resolving problems – the Challenge, the Counter-Balance and the Master Value – they are clear diagnostic indicators, as well as direction signals for improvement. People well versed in the Value Anatomy system can quickly identify the very core of problems and use this skill to save enormous amount of time, money and effort. This aspect makes its a wonderful tool for healers, therapists, as well as managers or teachers.